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Health – Well Being – Alternative Medicine at ancient Peru

The impressive accumulation of indigenes knowledge about the properties of the vegetal world cannot be expressed simply as a product of mysticism or Incan magic. The discovery of pharmacological actions in many species from the Peruvian flora, it’s without a doubt the result of prolonged periods of observation and experimentation that, however they disguised as just mysticism, they remain register in the legends that illustrate the Peruvian past.

Some of the discoveries of the ancient Peruvians herbalists are a contribution that, until now, modern medicine considers of such importance in the process of transculturation, devoted his life to the study of plants and their medicinal properties.

Botanical indigenes incorporated food plants and nutritious products of the land, were incorporated into the human diet.

Following this logic the paleo pathology, ceramics, adding what we see of indigenous medicine of our time, we have a summary view of the panorama of pathology that challenged the ingenuity of the ancient pre-Columbian physicians.

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