Perú, at the Vanguard of Wellness Tourism

eronica Napuri, an expert in tourism, she created Peru Wellness with the objective to position the country in this area in full expansion. The top searched places in the south American country: Cusco for its spiritual and energetic legacy and la Amazon zone for its curative potential, hundreds of kilometers of magical nature to relax the mind and activate endorphins.

When did you create Peru Wellness Travel?

Ever since i begun in this field of the tourist industry over 28 years ago my daily routine, as it happens to all of us, did not allow me the free hours or spaces to disconnect.

It was like this that by participating on inspection trip and fairs that I discovered what these unique spaces free of the daily pressure where it was possible to stop the rhythm and find without guilt a nice place like a Spa center.

Without noticing i started to put this priority in my agenda in the trip to the exterior and allow me to discover wellness in any country I was in Japan, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

4 years ago, i decided to consolidate this knowledge and create a travel line that shows the best options to enjoy of a healthy trip outside of the daily routine that does not let you prioritize your health.

Which are your values as a business?

Ours is related to proposing travels that generate changes from within and that way achieve a more harmonious life. The inner peace causes us happiness and that is our greatest success.

Our main values are our commitment, gratitude, perseverance and joy for the happiness of the others.

Which are your main products?

We count with an exclusive catalogue on line with more than 100 options to multiple destinations with preferential tariffs and with the highest level of attention from, diagnostics, therapies, detox, yoga, stress, thermal cures, climatic cures and special themes like energy point visits for the alignment and recovery.

Which are the most visited Wellness places in Peru?

The city of Cusco for its spiritual and energetic legacy works wonders for our emotional states; our Amazon for its curative potential through medicinal plants, and other elements like oxygen free of contamination.

We must highlight that the happiness that is generated by doing activities outdoors is greater than in a closes space and even more if it is done with a group of friends in a privileged environment like the one offered by our Amazon. Hundreds of kilometers of magical nature to relax the mind and activate endorphins.


 How has the matter of Wellness evolved in Peru?

We live in a time of change, it is a process of evolution like everything, and it will come at a rhythm according to another phenomenon’s simultaneously. On the other hand, there are interesting individual projects that will be taking their channel and integrating to a more innovative offer.

Differentiated products exist according to our geographical zones such as Aranwa Spa in the Sacred Valley, Colca Lodge in Arequipa and Casa Amazonica in Puerto Maldonado.

Regarding the past experiences there was an initiative through Promperu to create a Medical Tourism Line and the Ministry of Tourism mantains an area of development of products that recently has participated in the international fair ´´Termatalia´´ thermal tourism, health and wellness that develops in the city of Ourense, Spain.


What other countries do you consider are advanced in the matter?

Pacific Asia concentrates 3 times as much the number of wellness establishments than Europe and Latin America together. China and Japan produce 95% of the regional income of the industry.

In relation to the receptors in the last studies the countries that stand out are China, United States, Germany, India, France, Mexico and Argentina which occupies the position number 20 in the world for Medical and Wellness Tourism.

How many years ago have you worked in this industry? Tell me about your trajectory?

Tourism has allowed me to know the world of wellness. The ability to combine it with my profession has been a pleasant and enriching experience with which I have extended my personal and professional vision.

Ive been over 25 years, after my studies as a specialist in tourism administration, I worked in Peru in an operating agency spelialized in adventure tourism because I really liked adventure sports, climbing mountains on the weekends and I actively participated with the Andean Peruvian Club. After I travelled to Europe to improve my professional experience and spent 5 years in that continent, where I formed part of the Adventure travel trade Association (ATTA Europe) that dedicated to support the supplier’s networks worldwide for the adventure tourism.

Afterwards i was directing the office of Tourism Promotion in the UK. Back to Peru i opened my Travel Agency Tucano Peru, specialized in tailored made travels, curator of many memorable trips for those who looked for alternative and themed travel. Now, my most important professional Project is Peru Wellness.

In the matter of travels, what do you think is changing concerning trends?

I consider that you can not speak about trends, everything spins too quickly in every aspect of the human being, the important thing is to offer a service tourism. We have evolved very quickly in everything material, but today we start to look at the internal aspect and that is our task for the ones who are in the tourism industry, specializing and fit in to each need. And I want to finish with the following phrase: ´´Wellness is that which calms the sense, the happiness is that which calms the heart, lets work on that´´.


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