Peru is an amazing land of colors, flavors and sensations thanks to its impressive diversity. But also its rich cultural past and the immense creativity of its inhabitants have made it possible to develop an interesting culinary proposal, the same that today impresses the whole world.

In previous years, Peruvian food managed to be recognized as the best in America consecutively and this year won the Grand Prize: the World Travel Awards 2015 chose it as the “best cuisine in the world.”

The secret of its success is in the perfect combination of the elements that we have already mentioned, which allows thousands of dishes to exist throughout the whole Peruvian territory. And being one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, it is not surprising that only, speaking of the potato, in Peru there are more than 3 000 varieties. That is why this is one of the favorite ingredients in Peruvian cuisine and to prove it we invite you to taste the causa, ocopa, or chuño lawa.

The sea and rivers products are also key elements in Peruvian cuisine and thanks to them is that the Peruvian people share with the world the famous ceviche, the delicious arroz con mariscos or the exquisite patarashca.

An important aspect in the gastronomy of Peru is the influence of Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Spanish cuisines, among others. Classic examples of this delicious mixture are lomo saltado, arroz chaufa, spaghettis a la huancaína or tiradito de pescado.

Thousands of endemic products, ancestral techniques, varied microclimates, the large foreign influence and a dose of good taste have made the best cuisine in the world to have its headquarters in the beautiful Peru. A country that is now not only appreciated for the land of the ancient Chimu, Paracas and Incas, but by its extraordinary culinary background.

We invite you to live an unforgettable gastronomic experience with the tours that Tucano Peru usually design to satisfy the most demanding diner.