Georgette and Bernard Pinette visited Peru from 12 to 18 January 2015 and decided to do it through the prestigious travel agency Exotik of Canada with the support of Tucano Peru in the operation of their trip in Peru. Their journey took them to visit part of Lima and the beautiful department of Cusco where were pleasantly impressed by the warmth of its people, its superb food and its impressive cultural heritage.

Georgette: “Our trip to Peru was very surprising, much more than what we could imagine. It was a very beautiful and inspiring experience. Therefore we recommend to those wishing to travel to Peru, especially for the first time do so with Exotik and Tucano Peru since its team of professionals had everything perfectly organized for us.”

Bernard: “This is our first time in Peru a country that we liked very much. The experience was very good especially because the guides explained everything to us very well that facilitated the stay. Peru is a surprising country so they have to come to know it. For all this I wish thank Exotik and Tucano Peru for the great service that they provided to us.”