The American family Riphenburg comprised of Mathew Kowske, Jessica Riphenburg and his 13-year-old daughter, Eden Riphenburg, were touring Peru for 15 days in the month of January. For them it was the first time that they were in this country which decided to visit for the amazing culture and the captivating idea of touring the Amazon. Their experience was very pleasant and enjoyable so immensely thanked Tucano Peru for helping plan their trip.

Jessica: “Our experience was wonderful, from the first interaction with the sales executive who helped us to schedule our trip in detail until the guides that received us. She made us feel very comfortable during the entire process.”

Mathew: “We had an excellent guide in Cusco, Gonzalo, was incredible. We are now very excited to know the jungle of Peru for the biodiversity that it holds. Definitely, we recommend the Tucano Peru services.”

Eden: “The culture of Peru is really cute especially seeing how people interacted within them. Something that I really enjoyed was visiting Machu Picchu.”