My son had just graduated from grad school and this trip was a father-and-son nine day visit to Machu Picchu, Lima, and Cusco.

I wanted a highly customized luxury travel experience that combined birding together with visits to specific archaeological sites and to work directly with the owner of a long established and highly experienced travel company.   Zicasso recommended Veronica at Tucano Peru and she exceeded all of my expectations.

Veronica was everything that you’d expect in the highest quality travel company – she was responsive, knowledgeable, and she got to know me and was able to anticipate how I could maximize my time in Peru and take my travel experience to the next level with excellent and thoughtful suggestions.

But what was unique about Veronica and Tucano Peru was her extensive relationships with the highest quality and most knowledgeable and well respected guides.  The three guides she suggested during my eight day visit were simply over-the-top!  My son and I were especially thrilled to be paired with one of the top 12 birding/archeological guides in the country because Saturnio LLactahuaman Lastra was able to weave the culture, history, wildlife, and environment of Peru together into one holistic, meaningful, and engaging story.  He was simply amazing! 

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip? 

I’m an experienced traveler and have learned that my enjoyment of travel is maximized when I’m paired with a guide who is an expert and a consummate story teller.   Saturnio was simply extraordinary and his stories ranged from archeology to current politics, from the environment to daily life in Peru, and from birding to more recent Peruvian history.  He provided the context that enabled us to fully understand and appreciate what we saw during our travels!

What was the single most enjoyable experience during our trip?  It was the success of spotting the elusive Peruvian national bird, the Andean cock-of-the-rock flowed closely with an insightful explanation of the rise and fall of the Inca civilization and why this was applicable to Machu Picchu!  

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently? 

Because of the extensive pre-planning that Veronica and I did together, I wouldn’t change anything.  

Don Kent