It is Tucano Peru’s ability to be both reliable and spontaneous, derived from years of experience in the Latin America travel industry and sensitivity to the needs of every different clients, that has been the company chosen by various TV channels for production support in documentaries.


For example, Arts & Entertainment’s ‘Ancient Mysteries’ series and The Learning Channel’s investigation of the Moche culture of northern Peru. This support involves at least a month’s research and preparation of the logistics involved, prior to the arrival of the camera crew, to ensure that as much as possible is in place.
Once shooting is under way, Tucano Peru’s involvement is full-time and extremely wide-ranging. Co-founder Veronica Napuri has been called upon to appear in front of the cameras, on occasions; and in 1998, during a PBS documentary about the “El Niño” weather phenomenon, she made use of her extensive network of contacts in order to secure the last-minute use of the Presidential plane for the film-makers accompanied by President Fujimori!

The most recent production was for a French-Canadian company, Pixcom Productions. The short TV documentary ‘This Is My Country: Peru’ is an overview of the culture of Peru