Tucano Peru, Innovation for change


The democratic international organization “ODM”, (Organización Democrática Mundial) has a vision of becoming the leading organism in promoting and defending democracy in the human rights.

Recently ODM took part in a very important awarding, involving businesswomen from different working sectors in the country. They were all congratulated for there, professionalism, social humanitarian labor and outstanding performance.

Veronica Napuri Peirano, from Tucano, was nominated and recognized for acting as an example for other aspiring businesswomen. It is, social sensibility, human care and a strong belief in the capacity of women in the business world that have got here were she is, Veronica added moments after the ceremony broadcasted live in national TV.

Through here work as a tourist operator, Veronica, has managed to create value and opportunity for communities. Moreover it’s been already 23 years since Tucano Peru was founded and started believing in the strong pillars that keep this organization going: Social Inclusion, Equity of Opportunities for all Stakeholders and Sustainable Development.

Tucano Peru’s every day concern is to maintain its level of quality while always looking to expand its business. This 2016 Tucano Peru is working with a great number of destinations in Peru and from other countries in South America. For those that don’t know Tucano Peru very well, it is through our 3 lines of choice, Luxury, Adventure and Ecological, that we design personalized tours that will be flexible to the client’s needs and wants.