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Veronica Napuri is the Executive President of Tucano Peru, a DMC and Tour Operator established in 1993. Veronica born and followed her studies in Lima. Veronica has a specialisation in Quality Management Standards. Veronica is considered to be one of the industry’s leading experts and is an active member of Peru’s most prestigious associations and government institutions.


Veronica is a frequent international speaker, consultant for Green, Sustainability, Adventure & Luxury products in Peru. She designs the best imaginative travel products in Peru through her own DMC & Tour Operator Tucano Peru.This year Tucano Peru has been selected to be part of the exclusive Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club 2012 Yearbook: A Celebration of Excellence reminding the reader that help and advice from experts in the field is available – indeed, essential. Currently, Veronica is the Vice President International & Public Affairs of the Peruvian Association of Adventure and Ecotourism (APTAE –Peru) reputation for high standards.

A well-designed tour will be tailored exactly to a traveller’s needs and tastes. Here at Tucano Peru, we specialize in designing customized tours that have as their focus some, or all, of our Luxury, Adventure, Nature and Eco-Friendly brands, according to our clients’ wishes.



TOP Travel Designers since 1994

We are also pioneers in the fields of culinary tourism, voluntourism, film logistics support and wedding tourism, whereby you can celebrate your special day during the holiday of a lifetime! And underpinning everything is Tucano Peru’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and eco-efficiency.

So, if you would like to celebrate your birthday on the Inca Trail, shoot a documentary in the Amazon, or tie the knot at Machu Picchu, get in touch.  

There is always a solution: Tucano Peru! 

Destinations covered: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brasil, Argentina and Chile.

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