a chance to experience the age-old traditions

Tucano Peru is one of the few companies in Peru that constantly researches and develops attractive, sustainable products. They reflect our commitment to protecting Peru’s beautiful, delicate environment and rich cultural heritage, and aim to have a positive impact that will benefit future generations.

We have been connecting travellers to locals, at all levels, for many years. For example, for the past three years, we have been running a ‘voluntourism’ project in the traditional Andean community of Sallayfalla, high in the mountains of Cusco province, where ‘voluntravellers’ have the chance to experience the age-old traditions of music, dance, textiles and working the land. Sallayfall’s customs can be traced directly to before the arrival of the Spanish in South America: their language, Quechua, was spoken by the Incas; their clothes are made from alpaca and llama wool; their agriculture is non-mechanised; their festivals are based on traditional worship of the Earth, Sun and Moon; and their world-view is based on the three ethical pillars of Inca society:

  • Ama Suwa: Do not steal.
  • Ama Qella: Do not be idle
  • Ama Llulla: Do not lie

So far, Tucano Peru’s project with the community has generated a number of benefits for Sallayfalla:

  • Employment for some of the male
  • population as porters on the Inca Trail.
  • Health assistance.
  • Houses renovated.
  • A playground.
  • Toilet facilities at the local school.

Other sustainable projects Tucano Peru is proud to be part of: Rainforest Alliance: holder of their Certificate of Verification for Sustainable Tourism Best Management Practices and recently incorporated into their prestigious Tour Operator Promoting Sustainability (TOPS) network.

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