An important attraction in South America is the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, because this is one of the largest and highest-altitude salt flats of the world, which is surrounded by an awesome desert and wonderful natural reserves. The excursion is a delicious snack for lovers of adventure (without risk) since the tour is made in 4 x 4 trucks with drivers specifically trained to move travelers from one point to another through a very particular terrain.

It is impossible not to ecstatically contemplate the white salt desert or marvel at lakes red, green and blue. To enjoy the different species of birds is a pleasure without limits. Discerning travelers will be satisfied with a spectacular setting from which you can see impressive volcanoes and restless geysers.

The opportunity to enjoy this unique experience is crowned with stays in accommodations that generate their own power through solar panels or others more impressive, entirely built in salt.

If you want to make your trip even more surprising, we suggest that you repeat the trip, since if you do it in the rainy season you can see how all the salt desert becomes a majestic natural mirror that causes the Earth to magically melt with sky.

  • Visit to the cemetery of the trains and cities of Alota, Kulpina and San Cristóbal
  • Visit to the Siloli desert and Andean Fauna Natural Reserve
  • Visit to lakes, Galaxy Caves and the Incahuasi Islands

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